Creative Afternoon


This Wednesday we hosted our event Creative Afternoon in collaboration with Kolding Designskole, Dansk Erhverv and WEAR. The aim was to get people talking about sustainability – both now and in the future. We had a great turn out and a very eager crowd coming by to discuss the matter of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Speakers Else Skjold from Kolding Designskole, Frederikke Schmidt from Roccamore and Nicolai Klausen from WEAR all presented their points of view as to where we're at and where we should be going next when it comes to the always interesting subject of sustainability.

Following the presentation, the speakers joined in a debate accompanied among others by member of the Danish Parliament Rasmus Nordqvist from Alternativet. Together with the participants the panel discussed which way is next for sustainability in the fashion industry. All in all, a very interesting afternoon discussing a matter of great importance. We are very happy to be a part of a growingly sustainable fashion industry.