Imagine Talents 2016


Tuesday evening Kopenhagen Fur presented "Imagine Talents 2016", the fur auction house's newest international design project focused on fur innovation. Here, 28 hand-picked design students from Denmark, England, France, Japan, China, Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan and Greece presented their vision of future fur designs.

The catwalk was framed by trees and neon tubes in three connected sections. The structure of the catwalk marked the meeting between the organic  and futuristic, which was also presented in the fur styles. "Imagine  Talents 2016" was a display of details, colours and techniques that are  possible when working with modern fur design.

The event was part of the Danish auction house's innovation focus "Imagine", Kopenhagen Fur's strategic cooperation with world-leading  design universities and fur manufacturers. The project aims to link tomorrow's  designers with the leading forces in the fur industry through teaching, creative interaction and knowledge sharing. In this way, bridges  are build between producers, schools and students, creating good  relationships that are crucial to students' interest in working with fur in  the future.

Stay updated at Fur Fab's website about when the styles from the Imagine Talents 2016 will be available in Fur Fab showroom.

Visit Kopenhagen Fur's website to read more about Imagine Talents