Kopenhagen Studio Collection


Kopenhagen Studio Collection 2015

We are proud to present the Kopenhagen Studio Collection 2015. The collection contains of eight showpieces in fur. Kopenhagen Studio Collection is based on innovation and inventive fur techniques. All the styles were developed with a strong focus on craftsmanship and detail. The styles gives you Kopenhagen Studio's take on how current trends in the world can be interpreted into new techniques and new styles!

At Kopenhagen Studio our creative furriers work each day to challenge the tradition perceptions of what is possible to make out of fur. In addition to the luxurious feel and the obvious qualities of providing warmth, fur is a very versatile material to work with. The possibilities are almost endless and it is tempting to say that the only limit is the imagination.

Fur Fab now offers the Kopenhagen Studio Collection 2015 in the showroom.


Visit Kopenhagen Fur's website to read more about the collection