A colourful fashion show


The talented young design duo Barbara Potts and Cathrine Saks, who stand behind the brand Saks Potts, held their first fashion show during the Fashion Week SS16. Saks Potts impressed the audience with modern and colourful fur designs made in collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur. The scenery for the show was green with trees and mirrors. 

This show was, among others, sponsored by Kopenhagen Fur, which has also helped the young designers in their work with fur. The aim behind the collaboration was to create quality fur designs which can be worn all year but also be affordable at the same time. Fur Fab will offer the styles in 2016 in its showroom.

Chris Pedersen, host of the national TV programme "Fashion Week Now", was very impressed with Saks Potts's colourful furs. He sees Saks Potts as an eye opener for young people in relation to fur.