KiCK newsletter #2


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Short breif of the latest news:

New styles in Fur Fab showroom

Fur Fab showroom features all the 2500 fur styles and accessories designed through Kopenhagen Fur's business divisions Kopenhagen Nexus and Kopenhagen Studio. Fur Fab showroom now offers new styles from Mark Tan, Anne Sofie Madsen and House of Amber.

Kaleidoscope an extension of KiCK

Kopenhagen Fur opens Kaleidoscope, a new growth center for fashion and lifestyle in Copenhagen. Together, KiCK and Kaleidoscope will form a melting pot for the Danish fashion industry.

Kopenhagen Fur and SAKS POTTS form a design collaboration

Kopenhagen Nexus is a part of KiCK, it offers competences in fashion industry and business development. Kopenhagen Nexus is responsible for finding established commercial brands and helping them understand fur and integrate it into their designs.The Kopenhagen Fur design collaboration with SAKS POTTS will be lauched in the Autumn 2015. The collection includes three styles of fur. Fur Fab will be offering all three styles in the showroom.


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Picture: Styles from Kopenhagen Fur's own Studio Collection