Kopenhagen Fur and Jean//Phillip


Fur Fab now offers styles from the design collaboration with Jean//Phillip – showed at Kopenhagen Fur's AW14 fashion show during the Copenhagen Fashion Week AW14.

'East/West Fusion' that was Kopenhagen Fur's show title during the CFW AW14. Kopenhagen Fur staged an opening show in the city hall, attended by 800 guests including press and buyers from around the world. 

Kopenhagen Fur invited three Danish and three Chinese designers to collaborate in a joint design venture for the Kopenhagen Fur AW14 show. The show was also a celebration of innovative fur fashion and cultures – and the success of fur export, which currently accounts for one-third of the total Danish exports to China and Hong Kong.

Chinese designers Jamy Wee, YouZ and Beautyberry all focused on a classic coat design with much emphasis on volume, while Danish designers Freya Dalsjö, Anne Sofie Madsen and Jean//Phillip showed designs incorporating graphic elements and the new creative thinking of the modern Nordic hip hop culture and functional men's fashion.


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Picture: Style from Kopenhagen Fur's design collaboration with Jean Phillip AW14